Where the name OLLA comes from?

OLLA = OLe & elLA (Ole and Ella) are a boy (8) and a girl (5). The idea was born by Ole & Ella while playing with LEGO Technic.  At this time the family was looking for a new desk and chair for homework! It was difficult to find anything on the market that we felt was good enough and without any toxic or formaldehyde but strong and solid as well colorful and modular.  This is where it all began! The hole family started to sketch and build the first prototype – which was a 100% success and the kids tested and loved it.

The OLLA system is completely interchangeable.  Similar to popular toy building block systems, OLLA allows you to build, take apart, and rebuild until you are happy with your creation, or follow the accompanying guide to create various items of furniture. The more OLLA you own, the wider variety of furniture becomes possible.

OLLA InnoBAR™ is a worldwide patented modular furniture system

OLLA is split into the following departments to guarantee best service


  • Worldwide Licensee for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • Authorized to use the trademark name OLLA InnoBAR
  • Authorized system OLLA Development for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • Authorized system OLLA Franchise for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • Authorized system OLLA Production for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • OLLA DWC-LLC is Dubai UAE based.


  • Product development authorized by OLLA
  • OLLA InnoBAR™ idea implementation
  • Manufacturing process development
  • OLLA InnoBAR™ recycling and "GREEN" system
  • OLLA InnoBAR™ accessories and "NEW IDEAS"


  • OLLA InnoBAR™ production license award
  • Manufacturing OLLA InnoBAR™ with partners
  • Product controlling and QC for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • Conversion development to serial product
  • OLLA InnoBAR™ system implementation


  • OLLA InnoBAR™ franchise system award
  • Store and branch concept for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • Marketing concept for OLLA InnoBAR™
  • Support and training for OLLA InnoBAR™ partners
  • Responsible for 3 tier franchise system
OLLA share
Development share
Production share
Franchise share

OLLA InnoBAR™ is presenting the one of a kind modular furniture system which allows kids design and build without any limitation ind a safe and healthy environment – without any toxic, formaldehyde or chemicals.


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